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Die, Crazy Frog, Die!!!

And all the other bloody Jamster Stars too!

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For all those who are sick of seeing that bloody crazy frog, and all it's spawn. And in fact anything similar coming from Jamba/Jamster. Or anywhere else. Argh.

Rants, general complaints, and discussion on how to kill it and destroy it's parent company welcome.

No promoting. We'll let people promote other anti-Jamba/Jamster communities, providing it's under a cut. Promoting is annoying. There's communities for promoting other communities, like promote. Use them. People who break this rule will be subjected to two hours of Nessie the Dragon, an hour of Sweetie the Chick, and to finish them off, a good few hours of random Crazy Frog tones and remixes. Soon sort that riff-raff out... ;)

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The Annoying Thing (original source of the frog)
BanTheFrog.org.uk - quite self explanatory.